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We are home improvement contractor that is focused on all of the exterior work!

Are you a homeowner that recently got caught up in damaging Colorado weather?

When the severe Colorado hail or wind storms hit your home, there can be a lot of damage to your roof, siding, paint, gutters, deck, windows, screens and more. We specialize in making sure ALL of the damages are accurately identified, the work is scheduled and completed in a timely manner. We are really good at doing this work and look forward to taking care of you!

So you have damage to your home from a storm. What to do next?

  1. Inspect your home from a safe distance: Look for any visible damage, such as shingles laying in the yard or missing from your roof. Look for dents on siding or chipped paint. Look for water spots on your ceilings. 

  2. File a claim with your insurance company: Most homeowner policies require the policy holder to contact their insurance company anytime there is damage to the home from a storm event.  They recommend filing a claim as soon as possible to report the damage and begin the process. The insurance company will send out an adjuster, usually with 14 days to do a full inspection and write an estimate for damages.

  3. Mitigation: Mitigation means reducing risk of loss from the storm event. This could mean putting out buckets where a roof is leaking, putting up plastic over broken windows or skylights, tarping of areas where shingles have blown of. The goal is to prevent further damage. In most cases, it is best to hire a contractor with experience. This is usually covered by your insurance.

  4. Hire a contractor that is experienced with insurance restorations: An experienced contractor can  help you through the process to complete all of the repairs. 


      It's best to act quickly and not delay. It is common for most contractors to get very busy when large events occur. So the sooner, the better.

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