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Universal Exteriors specializes in the following exterior work on residential homes


Your roof is your first line of defense against the dramatic Colorado weather and intense UV rays of our sun.

We can install any type of roof that you need.  As always, if you live in an HOA community,  check the guidelines for materials and colors.

Shingles (Owens Corning, GAF, Tamko)

Stone Coated steel

Polymer (Davinci Roofscapes)

Tile (Boral) 

Flat roofing systems (EPDM, TPO, PVC)

Coating Systems (Gaco)


Siding in next on our list of important components to the exterior of your home.


Here is a list of the most commonly used siding type in Colorado. Most HOA's have guidelines regarding type of materials and colors that can be used.

It's always good to look up the guidelines if you live in an HOA community.

1. Vinyl siding:  low maintenance but can be damaged by hail.

2. Wood siding: Wood siding is more expensive than vinyl siding but has a warms and solid nature to it that makes it worth it. It can be stained or painted, which means more maintenance and expense. 

3. Engineered or composite siding:  Looks like wood siding, but costs less. It's made from wood fibers, concrete materials that are bonded together with glue or resin. It also needs to be caulked and painted.  

4. Metal siding: it is manufactured in galvanized steel or aluminum, the later of which is being faded out by manufactures. It is mold and rot resistant, but can be dented by large hail. It comes pre-painted from the factory and lasts a long time.  


Painting and Staining protect your siding and your deck structures which extends their lifespan.

                                                   How often should I paint my house, your asking?

1. It really depends on the grade of paint used from the prior paint job. Another factor is the exposure to the sun. Colorado has some pretty powerful UV rays. It's best to inspect it. If the paint is pealing or cracking, the sooner you get to it, the better. Waiting until it is pealing drastically can result in higher labor costs to scrape or sand down the paint. Typically a good paiint job should last about 6 years


Gutters, why do I need gutters?

Here are the advantages of properly installed gutters.


Properly functioning gutters and downspouts will direct water away from the basement or foundation of your house. They will also keep the water from draining down the side of your house which leads to damage to the siding.

If you have trees close to the home, it's best to have those branches trimmed back and install gutter guards on those elevations


Windows and Doors:   


With the rising costs of energy, it's always good to have energy efficient windows and doors.

We can install any type of window that meets your needs.


Repairs. We can complete all of your repairs on the exterior of you home.


                                 Many people ask us, what is a "roof tune-up"? 

Well, I am glad you ask, as it's one of our favorite services that we offer!

1. Cleaning the roof: This may include removing leaves, branches, and other debris from the roof and gutters.

2. Repairing or replacing damaged shingles: Any missing or damaged shingles will be repaired or replaced as needed.

3. Sealing leaks: Any leaks in the roof will be sealed to prevent water damage.

4. Inspecting the flashing: The flashing around chimneys, skylights, and other areas of the roof will be inspected and repaired or replaced as needed.

5. Inspecting the gutters: The gutters will be inspected and cleaned to ensure that they are functioning properly.


Overall, a roof tune-up is a good way to keep your roof in good condition and identify any potential issues before they become more serious problems.

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